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Turbo Dry

Turbo Drier

Turbo Drier

Ref: Turb

Price: $45.00

If you are in need of a multi level ink dyer than check our Turbo Dry. With Turbo Dry you will be sure to accelerates ink drying on all difficult paper substrates, easily applied to ink without effecting color and ZERO Cobalt! That is why we are improving pressroom performance worldwide. Thats Allied Pressroom Products.
Reduces the need for spray powder.
Helps to eliminate gas ghosting (fuming.
Promotes drying on all substrates (coated, uncoated, vinyl, acetate, plastic etc.).
Allows for immediate back up and faster turn around.
Leaves ink with better rub and scuff resistance.

X+Y= Dry comes in a box containing 1 tube of X and 1 tube of Y. We recommend a starting dosage of 1 to 2 inches of X and of Y be added per pound of ink. This measurement can be done to the eye.
If for instance if there is 5 pounds of ink in the ink fountain, you would add a 5 to 10 inch stripe of X and of Y to the ink in the ink fountain, mix in with ink knife. For very heavy coverage you may want to start at a 2” per pound dose. X+Y=Dry mixes in very easily.
If it is felt that more is needed, repeat the above adding another 1-inch stripe more, per pound of ink.

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