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Banding Press

Banding Press

Banding Press


Price: $400.00

Fast, efficient, professional way to bundle folded jobs. The Pro Bander's solid cast iron construction is built tough to last for years. To band, just place pre-cut tie strips or Cohesive Bands. Load the Pro Bander with folded sheets. Compress folded sheets. The positive lever-action clamp locks automatically as it compresses. Wrap or tie into a neat, easy to count, easy to handle bundle. Handles folded stacks up to 12".

Banding Strips 22

Banding Strips 22" x 1-7/8"

Ref: BAND-22

Price: $22.00

Strong, self-sealing paper bands for use with Banding Press. Pack of 500

Banding Strips 30

Banding Strips 30" x 1-7/8"

Ref: BAND-30

Price: $23.25

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