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Film Cleaner Varn

Film Cleaner Varn 1 gal

Film Cleaner Varn 1 gal

Ref: film/v

Total Price: $26.30

Cleans Film and Prevents Static Cling

One quick wipe removes dirt, grease, fingerprints and tape marks from expensive film. Varn's unique antistatic action keeps dirt and dust from resettling on the cleaned surface. Varn Film Cleaner is a professional, solvent type product and is completely safe for any film base or emulsion. It dries fast, won't streak or leave a residue, and won't dissolve or remove a water-based opaque ink. Use with lint-free cloth.

ALERT! Shipping Charges include HAZARDOUS shipping imposed by UPS per package.

No Air Shipping.
Gal ($26.30)
Case of 4 Gal ($96.82)

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