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Kami Supplies

Kami Scanner Supplies

Kami Scanner Supplies

Ref: Kami

Total Price: $39.00

Scanner Mounting Fluid DC2001 ($39.00)
Film Cleaner ($39.00)
Drum Cleaner ($39.00)

Kami Scanner Supplies

KAMI scanner supplies make your work easier, saves money and increases productivity.

Kami Scanner Mounting Fluid with anti-static properties.
NEVER USE OIL AGAIN!! Scanner Mounting Fluid often will clean the film, fill the film grain and provide anti-newton benefits all at once. After being mounted on the scanner with SMF, when the film is removed from the scanner the SMF quickly dries clean. When removed from the scanner the film immediately gets a quick wipe with a lint free wipe the film will be perfectly clean and ready to go right back into it's protective sleeve.

Kami Drum Cleaner with anti-static properties.
Cleaner is a 100% alcohol-free substance, formulated exclusively for the purpose of cleaning acrylic scanner drums.

Kami Film Cleaner with anti-static properties.
RC Film Cleaner can be used for any type of graphic are film, screen, transparency or c-print cleaning.

ALERT! Shipping Charges include HAZARDOUS shipping imposed by UPS per package.

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