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Lithco Correct-A-Neg Opaque pens

Lithco Correct-A-Neg Opaque Pens

Lithco Correct-A-Neg Opaque Pens

These opaque pens feature a special formulation of UV absorbers that thoroughly block all light waves to prevent exposure. Even-flowing nibs lay down a rapid drying, thin film that does not creep, spread, crack or chip.
. Waterproof, smudge-proof and light-proof
. Four point styles for ease in matching the pen to the job – Needle point,
Fine point, Bullet point and Wedge poin

Opaque Pen Fine Black

Ref: cap-opbf 

Price: $5.35

Opaque Pen Bullet Point Black

Ref: cap-opbm 

Price: $5.75

Opaque pen Wedge point Black

Ref: cap-opbw 

Price: $5.35

Opaque pen Needle Point Red

Ref: cap-oprnp 

Price: $7.15

Opaque Pen Fine Red

Ref: cap-oprf 

Price: $5.35

Opaque Pen Medium (Bullet) Point Red

Ref: cap-oprm 

Price: $5.75

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