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Oxy Dry Powder

Oxy Dry Powder 55 lb Box

Oxy Dry Powder 55 lb Box

Ref: ox-26

Total Price: $99.00

26 UnCoated ($99.00)
26 Coated ($104.00)
Coated 52C ($135.00)

Highest quality food-grade starches sized for Commercial Print, Package Printing, Wide Format and Roll Packaging.

Uncoated Powders
These powders are hydrophilic
• They accept water and greasy substances (i.e. they are absorbed into the inks)
• These powders offer the best offset protection
• These are general usage powders and are recommended for multi-pass work

Coated Powders
These powders are hydrophobic
• They repel water and seek out greasy substances thereby keeping printed sheets from blocking
• Ideal for laminated and varnished jobs; synthetic stocks, single pass work and high gloss finishes
• Improves slippage and reduces potential for scratches
• Ideal for film converting operations

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