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PANTONEVIEW Colour Planner Autumn/Winterr 2019

PANTONEVIEW Colour Planner Autumn/Winter 2019

PANTONEVIEW Colour Planner Autumn/Winter 2019

Ref: vcp-f19

Price: $710.00

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The PANTONEVIEW Colour Planner Autumn/Winter 2019/20 lifestyle color trend forecast offers seasonal inspiration, key color directives, suggested color harmonies plus material and product application across men’s, women’s, active, color cosmetics, interior, industrial and multi-media design.

Colors for Autumn/Winter 2019/20 radiate intensity. From a new level of flat, painterly primaries to pastels that are more active than romantic, we embrace color that generates multi-dimensional visual perspectives as well as down to earth utility shades, recycled hues and core essentials. With the desire for personalized statements continuing, there is less unity and more market fragmentation. Reflecting the mood, for A/W 19/20 we offer a variety of options for color mixing, a balance between different color personalities and a circle of color that connects us all.

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