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Particulate Cleaner Roller

Particulate Cleaner Roller and Tacky Pad

Particulate Cleaner Roller and Tacky Pad

Ref: pcr

Total Price: $175.00

6" ($175.00)
12" ($195.00)
Tacky Pad 9x13 50 sheets ($33.00)

Don’t just blow dust around... trap it with the PCR and Tacky Pad System
Safely removes dust, lint and dirt from vacuum frames, contact boards, film, plates, proofs, ink jet prints, and camera backs.
. Use in sign making to clean surfaces before applying vinyl lettering or silk screening
. Use before laminating to insure the perfect bond
. Proprietary elastomer roller will not scratch any substrate
. Roller has a ball burnished aluminum frame with sure grip rubber handle
. Remove contaminants from the roller with disposable sheets of the Tacky Pad
. Each roller is sold with one complementary 50-sheet pad

additional Tacky Pads are sold separately

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