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X-rite Reflection Densitometers

Xrite Reflection Densitometers

Bay Press Services works very closely with Xrite to provide maximum color quality control for our customers. X-Rite provides a full line of reflection densitometers including the 500 series to the all inclusive 939.

500 Series Handheld Spectrodensitometers

Full-line (from basic densitometer to full spectrophotometer) of rugged handheld instruments for prepress and pressroom applications.
An existing 500 Series model can be upgraded to a higher model number as needs change.
All 500 Series instruments are available with different aperture sizes (3,4 mm (default), 2 mm, 6 mm, 1.6 x 3.2 mm)
Includes No Filter, Optional Polarization and UVcut Filters available
All 500 Series instruments include industry-leading 3-year warranty.
- Calibration reference
- Getting Started Guide
- CD-ROM with complete documentation & training
- Soft-Sided Case
- AC Adapter
- NiMH battery pack
- RS232 interface cable kit (528 and 530 only)
- USB-Serial Adapter (530 only)
- ColorMail Express software (528 and 530 only)
- Digital Pantone Formula Guide (C, U and M) (528 and 530 only)
- ISO12647-2, G7 and JapanColor Support (528 and 530 only)

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