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Rubber Cement Thinner

Rubber Cement Thinner 1Gal

Rubber Cement Thinner 1Gal

Ref: rct

Total Price: $33.25

Lithco RCT is used for thinning or reducing rubber and paper cements. It is also an excellent adhesive remover. Often used as a general solvent for tough cleaning jobs on metal type, rollers, stencils, and for many other industrial tasks.
Use like Bestine® 203 Rubber Cement Thinner.

This product is hazardous and UPS Hazmat charges will be added to shipping.
No Air Shipping.
Maximum order for the Gallon can is 4 gal per order because of UPS Haz regulations. If you need more then 4, please place a separate order or order the 5 Gal can.

Gal ($33.25)
5 Gal Container ($159.00)

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