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SonaDry (Waterless)



• Compatible with all waterless plates and presses
• Dries hard and fast to a high gloss surface
• Wide Critical Tone Temperature (CTT) range between 65°-95°F
• High density, low dot gain makes SonaDry ideal for the highest quality waterless reproduction
CMYK Colors in 2.5 Kg cans
Pantone Colors in 1 Kg. Cans

Process Yellow SonaDry Ink 2.5kg VS8030

Ref: VS8030 

Price: $75.37

Magenta SonaDry Ink 2.5kg VS8031

Ref: VS8031 

Price: $73.64

Cyan SonaDry Ink 2.5kg VS8032

Ref: VS8032 

Price: $75.95

Process Black SonaDry Ink 2.5kg VS8033

Ref: VS8033 

Price: $69.88

Yellow SonaDry Ink 1kg VS80101

Ref: VS80101 

Price: $48.99

Warm Red SonaDry Ink 1kg VS80102

Ref: VS80102 

Price: $49.48

Rubine Red SonaDry Ink 1kg VS80103

Ref: VS80103 

Price: $49.48

Rhodamine Red SonaDry Ink 1kg VS80104

Ref: VS80104 

Price: $76.41

Purple SonaDry Ink 1kg VS80105

Ref: VS80105 

Price: $76.41

Reflex Blue SonaDry Ink 1kg VS80106

Ref: VS80106 

Price: $55.91

Process Blue SonaDry Ink 1kg VS80107

Ref: VS80107 

Price: $55.91

Green SonaDry Ink 1kg VS80108

Ref: VS80108 

Price: $76.41

Transparent White SonaDry Ink 1kg VS80109

Ref: VS80109 

Price: $38.33

Pantone Black SonaDry Ink 1kg VS80110

Ref: VS80110 

Price: $36.02

Violet SonaDry Ink 1kg VS80100

Ref: VS80100 

Price: $76.41

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