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Xrite eXact Densitometer

X Rite eXact Densitometer

X Rite eXact Densitometer

Ref: eXact

Price: $3,850.00

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Aperture 1.5mm, Measurement Area 1.5mm, Target Window Opening 3.5mm
Aperture 2mm, Measurement Area 2mm, Target Window Opening 4mm
Aperture 4mm, Measurement Area 4mm, Target Window Opening 6mm
Aperture 6mm, Measurement Area 6mm, Target Window Opening 8mm
Blue Tooth
Without ($0.00)
With ($150.00)

X-Rite eXact ™ is a next generation handheld color measurement solution that takes into account the new business needs and dynamics of a global supply chain. X-Rite eXact enables printers and packaging converters to truly understand, control and manage color across the entire color network, ensuring the utmost in color accuracy.

X-Rite eXact is extremely flexible, designed to meet your standards and tolerances, no matter how exacting. eXact can be set up to position key menu elements in the order most likely to be needed by individual users, including press operators and operations managers, giving users instant access to the tools they need, often in a single click. This improves operator productivity, removes opportunity for human error, and results in increased color quality, saving time and reducing paper waste.

The eXact scan option can measure short or long strips (up to 112cm / 44 in), supporting a range of print and packaging applications. eXact Scan bundled with eXact InkKeyControl Software is a complete solution for offset litho printers. Bring ink zone controls to your old presses and hold onto them longer. eXact Scan brings productivity to a new level.

Together with the ColorCert: X-Rite edition, eXact Scan allows packaging printers to measure small charts and gain instant visibility on the performance of their operations in real time. Making it easy for brand owners, packaging designers and packaging converters to access data that precisely defines their colors.

Quality Integration Across Departments and Sites
eXact provides fast and flexible tools to aid in achieving color. When used with NetProfiler 3, eXact can manage and monitor color performance on an enterprise level, providing you with consistent quality measurements across shifts, departments and sites.

Eliminate wasted paper and ink during press checks. With eXact’s BestMatch function, press operators can easily keep ink colors on target even before color shifts are visible. With a single click, operators can see color information as well as recommendations for adjustment of density to achieve the best match throughout the press run. Integration of multiple PANTONE™ libraries offers an easy way to accurately verify spot colors.

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