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Xrite 504

X rite 504 Densitometer

X rite 504 Densitometer

Ref: Xrite 504

Price: $2,175.00

Free Ground Shipping in the Continental U.S.

& outside the Continental U.S.
What could be simpler? Our entry-level model 504 measures any density status quickly and reliably.

Product Features:

Large display shows choice of single, 3-color or 4-color density values
Density references to store shop or customer specs & see if density changes are needed
Features high-impact materials for reliability and an industry-leading 3 year warranty
Upgrade via keycode to add dot area, trap, color or spectral data
Only X-Rite lets you select a measurement aperture - microspot 1.6 x 3.2mm, small 2.0mm, medium 3.4mm or large 6.0mm
3.4mm Standard ($0.00)
2.0mm Small ($0.00)
6mm Large ($0.00)
MicroSpot 1.6mm x 3.2mm ($270.00)

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