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Xrite eXact Xp Densitometer

X Rite Xp eXact Densitometer

X Rite Xp eXact Densitometer

Ref: eXact Xp

Price: $3,850.00

Aperture 1.5mm, Measurement Area 1.5mm, Target Window Opening 3.5mm
Aperture 2mm, Measurement Area 2mm, Target Window Opening 4mm
Aperture 4mm, Measurement Area 4mm, Target Window Opening 6mm
Aperture 6mm, Measurement Area 6mm, Target Window Opening 8mm
Blue Tooth
Without ($0.00)
With ($150.00)

X-Rite eXact Xp, a new option in the company’s award-winning eXact spectrophotometer platform. The eXact Xp is designed to help package printers and converters more accurately measure color on flexible film materials. Printers, ink and premedia suppliers, and brands can use this new handheld device to better understand, control, and manage colors on flexible film materials across the entire packaging supply chain.
Even the most sophisticated converters can find it challenging to measure color on flexible film substrates. For some types of films, the orientation of the measurement instrument relative to the film’s extrusion direction can impact results. With the eXact Xp, X-Rite has addressed this challenge, introducing special enhancements that help users accurately and consistently measure on a variety of film substrates, including lamination materials and base structures.

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