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Stimpson 405

Stimpson 405 Bench Grommet Press

Stimpson 405 Bench Grommet Press

Ref: gm405

Price: $299.00

The versatile Stimpson 405 Bench Grommet Press is made with a heavy duty aluminum frame. The tools are quickly interchangeable and while the operation is entirely by hand, the quality of work is equal to that done by large automatic machines.
Used extensively in many businesses for smaller projects or prototype work for setting eyelets, grommets and washers and snaps, the 405 has now become the popular choice for setting Stimpson Self-Piercing Grommets and Washers in most lightweight fabrics.
  • GM405-1 for #1 Grommets 5/16"   
  • GM405-2 for #2 Grommets 3/8"   
  • GM405-3 for #3 Grommets   

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